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From: Gary Barnett (gbarnett@POLARNET.COM)
Date: 07/10/97

On Thursday, July 10, 1997 7:24 AM, George
[SMTP:greerga@MIAVX1.ACS.MUOHIO.EDU] wrote:
> On Wed, 9 Jul 1997, Erwin S. Andreasen wrote:
> >On Tue, 8 Jul 1997, Ben Leibig wrote:
> >
> >> their system(cancan, or powwow) but if you are you can use any editor on
> >> your
> >> system as an external editor and then when you exit and save, it sends
> >> your
> >> text back to the mud which puts it where it needs to go.  This method of
> >I can tell you that using your favorite editor to edit notes, text files,
> >mob programs and such is a REAL improvent of normal line-editing, even if
> >that has s/replace, deleteing/inserting lines and such.
> MUD++ simply implements a full telnet daemon and uses SPico for building.
> No special client and still a nice editor.  I don't know what kind of
> security risk that is, probly more to worry about codewise looking for
> buffer problems and loopholes.  If you can do a C++ -> C port it might be
> worth it but a pain.
That'd be a nice way to go, but would use host resources for each user longer
than I'd like to see, plus open a hole for the fun buffer overruns :-)

Why not implement an ftp process to handle bidirectional file transfer with

Something like so:


    Any mud client capable of executing a script or batch file as a triggered

The batch file might look something like so (for dos/windows)

SET GODNAME = JoeBuilder
rem -------------------------------------------
rem leave the stuff below here alone
rem -------------------------------------------
echo %GODNAME% >filename.txt
echo %PASSWD% >>filename.txt
echo get textfile.txt >> filename.txt
echo bye >> filename.txt
ftp -s:filename.txt
write textfile.txt
echo %DOGNAME% >filename.txt
echo %PASSWD% >>filename.txt
echo put textfile.txt >> filename.txt
ftp -s:filename.txt

This batch file would work on 95 or NT.. not sure if 3.1 would wait until
write was done.
I'm sure a unix equivalent wouldn't be that hard for someone to make :-)

This does assume you are willing to let your gods ftp to the mud server, are
willing to handle
the administration of creating these accounts, and that you can set the ftp
server up to
change to a certain dir for each god based on their logon name. To do it for
users would
probably be unworkable.. for them a different scheme would be necessary.

Then it's just a matter of rights and having the mud write the string to disk
and send the trigger
when an edit action is started. Then when they are done editing, they can do
a /LOAD in the editor
if they have edited it outside the mud. Seamless for those who don't use it,
yet fully
capable for those that do. And specifying one won't preclude the other. You
even have an easy
point to put the error checking in.. at the /LOAD time. Can even report
problems to the builder
in that context.

With zmud you could get fancy an initiate a dde poke via a little app to tell
zmud to do a /LOAD
for you.. but that'd require distribution of a platform/client specific
module.. and that's a PITA.
You could also have the mud check for updated file time stamps.. but again,
probably not worth
the bother, especially as that adds delay...

I'll prolly do this one rainy evening, seems like it would be worthwhile.


"Never worry about the bullet with your name on it. Instead, worry about
shrapnel addressed to 'occupant.'" --Murphy

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