From: Gerhard Poul (gerhard@CCC.AT)
Date: 07/11/97


My Circle MUD is going online in a few weeks, so i have coded a >>few<<
lines for this... I've implemented the functionality for IMC2 and would
set up my mud as an european host. Is there another european host ??

My host would be in Austria (NOT AUSTRIALIA!!)

Ok, I've implemented much much more features, but now I'm searching for
a fast connection to other muds ;))

But also every other MUD Wizard can contact me (please only european!)
for a connection... (max 256) ;))


PS: I will answer all your mails!!! try it ;))

                +++ Computer Communications Club member +++
               +++ visit me at +++

                *** Administartion des CCC Linux Corners ***
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