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Date: 07/11/97

Quick!  Set your mail options before you go!


From Alex --->>

You can find out your own settings by sending 'query circle' to the
listserver.  (

Now, here are the common things you'll need to know:

Query     circle               Query your subscription options
SET       circle  options      Update your subscription options

The various options you can set are as follows (default first):

mail/nomail   -- This tells if you will receive mail from the list.  It is
                 a *damned* good idea to merely turn it off when you go
                 away for a vacation.
<<-- From Alex

> From: James A. Young <ja_young@FANG.CS.SUNYIT.EDU>
> To:
> Subject: Re: Off-topic
> Date: Friday, July 11, 1997 9:43 PM
> I will be going on vacation starting Sunday, July 13.  I'll be gone for 2
> weeks, I know it won't happen, but PLEASE, don't flood my box :)   Have
> funzies and see ya when I get back.

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