[128 bitvectors]

From: Anthony Appel (appelae@RAINIER.CHEM.PLU.EDU)
Date: 07/12/97

Well I'm having the worst time with the 128 bitvector patch.  I've typed
it through from scratch twice and then checked it 3 times through every
line of the snippet.

The problem I'm having is the call to the macro GET_OBJ_EXTRA in magic.c

magic.c :1008: macro 'GET_OBJ_EXTRA' used with too many (2) args
magic.c :1014: macro 'GET_OBJ_EXTRA' used with too many (2) args

The lines for the code are...



Now I'm assuming that it's the -1 which is causeing the problem - the
extra argument.  It was also one of the things that was changed in the
patch.  I checked all the other get_obj_extra changes in the snippet and
couldn't find anything wrong.. I also couldn't locate where anything had
been changed to allow the extra -1 argument.

Anyone got any ideas?


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