Re: [128 bitvectors]

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 07/12/97

> The problem I'm having is the call to the macro GET_OBJ_EXTRA in magic.c
> magic.c :1008: macro 'GET_OBJ_EXTRA' used with too many (2) args
> magic.c :1014: macro 'GET_OBJ_EXTRA' used with too many (2) args
> Now I'm assuming that it's the -1 which is causeing the problem - the
> extra argument.  It was also one of the things that was changed in the
> patch.  I checked all the other get_obj_extra changes in the snippet and
> couldn't find anything wrong.. I also couldn't locate where anything had
> been changed to allow the extra -1 argument.
> Anyone got any ideas?

                        Yes! And you can't have them! They're all mine!

        Er. actually, they're not very good ideas...

        Double check the 128 bitvector code, and make sure that you're not
using the line

#define GET_OBJ_EXTRA_AR(obj, i)   ((obj)->obj_flags.extra_flags[(i)])

like you should be.

        Then, when you're realize this, change the line with GET_OBJ_EXTRA

                        These are only ideas, and since I didn't like the
128 bitvector stuff, i didn't implement them. So i could be wrong.
Frequently am these days it appears..

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