Re: [CODE] 2 odd things that haunt me..

From: Chris Jacobson (fear@ATHENET.NET)
Date: 07/13/97

On 7/13/97 2:26 PM, Mark Dickey (mark@OKEEFE.BESTWEB.NET) stated:

>Ok, I have one more question at the moment.
>I just got it to work (having players return to the game t\where they
>quit) but if they quit to the menu, and enter the game, they return in the
>default location.
>So, if the player quits, chooses option 0, and telnets back to the game,
>it works perfectly, but if the player quits, and chooses option 1, he
>returns to the default location.  What I expect is happening is that the
>player is not getting saved when he the game, but when he chooses option
>0.  The strange thing is, is that in my "do_quit" I have found where it
>shows the menu, and there is a save_char before it.  I also looked, and
>there doen't seem to be any more save_chars after that point.
>I also took almost all of the save-chars and changed them to save the
>players location.  If you want, I can post any code that would be helpful.
>I expect it is a real stupid mistake of mine, but....... *sigh*

Ok, look at the player loading mechanism.  Not sure, if you have ASCII
PFiles or not, but thats not that important right now... the point is,
that if when the player data is loaded, it might check if the LOADROOM
bit is set, and if it isn't, yet a room is present, that it sets the bit

Basically, the question is, are you setting the bit?  If not, try it.

- Chris Jacobson

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