Re: [128 bitvectors again]

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 07/13/97

On Sun, 13 Jul 1997, Anthony Appel wrote:

> Thanks for the fix on the previous problem -
> My new problem has to do with the utilities.  All the code compiles
> correctly till I hit the utils.
> The first problem was quite simple
> in util/autowiz.c
> line 94 95 96 change IS_SET to IS_SET_AR
> The one I can't figure out is in util/delobjs.c
> if(player.char_specials_saved.act & PLR_DELETED)
>    okay = 0;
> I figured that this isn't referencing the player.char etc as an array.
> Any simple fix for this?

        This is causing a problem?

        It says to me...  check and see if the PLR_DELETED flag is set in
a player.char_specials_saved.act bitvector (damn '&' adding bitvector
math). Chances are, somewhere up above there's this for, or while loop
that reads something like the player-file-reading function in db.c (i
think its db.c) which puts the next char into the "player" structure.

        What is the exact problem you're experiencing? Is it that this
dosen't compile?  If you've got the 128 bitvector code, you'll probably
have to reference this like the.. uh.. i'll take a gander here..


        Or however you access those funky 128 bitvectors.. since it uses
an array instead of a straight bitvector math, you'll have to specifiy
which array slot it uses... or something.. Just look at other examples
within your code which accesses the other PLR_ flags...
                grep PLR_ *.[ch] |more

                                        Patrick Dughi

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