From: Eduo - Tempus Fugit Pseudo Admin (mud@SPARC.CIATEQ.CONACYT.MX)
Date: 07/14/97

On Mon, 14 Jul 1997, Gone Crazy wrote:

>         Ok I just moved my mud to a different server with a silghtly
> different version of sun os (5.5) everything was working fine before but
> now I'm having alot of problems.
> 1. when you try to save your changes in medit it crashes the mud.
> 2. when you make an alias and try to save it crashes the mud.
> 3. When you quit your EQ drops to the ground and does not get saved.

The first two I am guessing have to do with permissions, check your
permissions and that the proper directories exist.

The third could be because renting is enforced, check your config.c file
and verify that renting is not needed.



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