Re[2]: [CODE] 2 odd things that haunt me..

Date: 07/14/97

     Quote ------>>>>
>1)  When a player quits or rents (quiting is ok on my mud) then returns
>immediately from the main menu they end up back where they originally
>entered the game rather than where they quit/rented.  I have replaced
>almost every instance of save_char(ch, NOWHERE) with ch->in_room, but to
>no avail... anybody else experience this?
>     try this in your quit routine:
>           int save_room;
>           save_room = ch->in_room;
>           extract_char(ch);      <<<-------   kicks you out of the rooms.
>           ch->in_room = world[save_room].number;  <<<---- just fake it,
>           save_char(ch, ch->in_room);

I would recommend you don't do that because extract_char() dumps all the eq
and calls Crash_delete_crashfile().

     <<<<------ Quote

     We also had some cute stuff embeded about saving the position of the
     eq..  I tried looking at that guys code, and can't figure it out...
     argh.  sorry all...


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