Re: [Code] Animate dead problem

Date: 07/14/97

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Ok, I added animate dead to my mud, and the spell itself works... It
extracts the corpse, and creates the mob, BUT, even though the mob is
charmed, he still tries to move around... To the players it displays
"The zombie bursts into tears" and to the mob itself it displays "The
thought of leaving your master makes you weep" or something like that...
I have tried everything I could think of to fix this, but nothing
works... I have included my entire mag_summons for magic.c:

     <code deleted>
     <<<<------ Quote  (does this help at all?)

     As far as I know, this has always happened.  To keep your mobs from
     doing it, you might want to set them to MOB_SENTINEL.  If this flag
     isn't set, the mobs are wandering mobs, so, they try to move.  Try
     charming another PC and have them try to leave the room.  They should
     cry too.


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