Re: [Code] Idents Baggett/DOOMer on Mon, Jul 14, 1997 at 03:52:14AM +0000

From: Eric Green (thrytis@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 07/14/97

On Jul 14, Akuma/Chris Baggett/DOOMer wrote
> Ok, i installed the ident patch, and after a few trial runs,
> I started getting bugged out usernames, most of em ended up having
> crap like   n e w s ]
> or
> [qsccts south.
> as the username.  Anyway, i did a bit of log() this,
> and log() that, b/c frankly, gdb lags too long on getting Idents.

In ident_check, around line number 246, add the lines with the +'s in
front and remove the lines with the - in front:

    else {
      strncpy(buf2, usr, IDENT_LENGTH);
  +   buf2[IDENT_LENGTH] = '\0';
      strcat(buf2, "@");
      strcat(buf2, d->host);
  +   buf2[HOST_LENGTH] = '\0';
  +   strcpy(d->host, buf2);
  -   strncpy(d->host, buf2, HOST_LENGTH);

If this works, please let me know.  (Let me know if it doesn't work, and
i'll try to help to find another solution).

> anyway, i logged the string sent from the person's Ident server,
> and i got something similar to this
> the
> 45626 , 9001 : USERID : OTHER : [m/LHmzTTLcFOcnJvlBAe0jjRxQ4JzfAQ]
> anyway, when i log in from localhost something like
> 15251 , 9001 : USERID : UNIX : nexus
> pops up as the string. now i'm no UNIX guru, but I was wondering,
> would that username after the  OTHER happen to be ENCRYPTED?
> if this is so, how am i supposed to find out the username?
> i've also noticed, that the username code is always the same length,
> and has []  (brackets) around it.

You aren't supposed to find out the username, which is why it is encrypted.
(The system admin is appearently worried about privacy.)  What the
encrypted response is supposed to be for, is if you had a problem with that
user, you could go back to the system admin with that encrypted string, and
he could figure out which user it is.

> If anyone can help me solve this problem, (i currently changed the code
> to not even worry about OTHER type strings for now)
> i would appreciate any input or ideas.  Mainly, I wouldn't mind talking
> to the guy who came up with the Ident patch :-)

Thats me, just a different email address now. :)


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