Re: [Code] Idents

From: Anonymous (nova@RANDOMC.COM)
Date: 07/14/97

On Mon, 14 Jul 1997, Eric Green wrote:
[sniped most of it, but left this cause it's needed]

> > 45626 , 9001 : USERID : OTHER : [m/LHmzTTLcFOcnJvlBAe0jjRxQ4JzfAQ]
> >
> > anyway, when i log in from localhost something like
> >
> > 15251 , 9001 : USERID : UNIX : nexus
> >
> > pops up as the string. now i'm no UNIX guru, but I was wondering,
> >
> > would that username after the  OTHER happen to be ENCRYPTED?
> >
> > if this is so, how am i supposed to find out the username?
> > i've also noticed, that the username code is always the same length,
> > and has []  (brackets) around it.
> You aren't supposed to find out the username, which is why it is encrypted.
> (The system admin is appearently worried about privacy.)  What the
> encrypted response is supposed to be for, is if you had a problem with that
> user, you could go back to the system admin with that encrypted string, and
> he could figure out which user it is.

Hmm, Then what would you have to do to add an toggle option, like the
slown command, to auto-reject people with bad ident servers, much like
Efnet IRC servers do. Give them a message telling them why they have been
rejected, and an address to email...oh, and that would have to lead to
another option, to let hosts, with a * format, get past ident,
without checking it, and let it right in.  Damn, am I making this more
complex then need be? Maybe, but for a mud like mine, with a very strong
No Multi-Play rule, and enforcement, Its needed. Only one problem, noone
is a really good coder, so I may as well pose the question to you. ;)

Spectrum Planes Mud

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