Re: About portal...

From: Andy Hubbard (hub@LEICESTER.AC.UK)
Date: 07/15/97

> If you run win95, then forget it (for the most part). :)
> -George
There is in fact an excellent port to WIn NT / Win 95 of the gnu
compiler and tools, this includes gdb.  The latest version of gdb
included with version 18 (patch lvl) is a nice graphical interface.
It will perform just like Gearge mentioned abovwe, and as was
mentioned, some clear and concise pointers are in the FAQ.
 Just go to Cygnus Solutions page and download the cdk.exe file.  Not
got the addie handy, search for the above sight ...
 The version of gdb you get runs with 'gdb bin/circle', and when your
crashes occur the relevant .c file is opened up and the offending
line highlighted in a nice vivid green!  You can bactrace by pressing
the up/down button, and the 'deeper' code is opened up and once again
the relevant line shown to you ....

 Try it!


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