Re: Obuild crashbug fix (last one?) <- YES!!

From: Sammy (samedi@DHC.NET)
Date: 07/15/97

On Mon, 14 Jul 1997, Gary Barnett wrote:

> Much better to incorporate your 'buttons' in a menu in the mud. One could
> create a menu to do what your buttons do and still have obuild basically
> unchanged.. best of both worlds?

I keep saying I'm eventually going to add menus to obuild.  I'm just a
command-line kinda guy.  The other option is to add a few of the time
saving commands and features of obuild to oasis.  Either way you'd have
user friendliness and ease of learning along with speed and power.  The
disadvantage is all the extra code involved, but another hundred k or so
isn't too big a price to pay.


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