gdb output

From: Brooks Ladd (bjl@KEENE.EDU)
Date: 07/15/97

        I'm new using GDB, but i pointed it at my core file and did a "bt"
here is some of what i got:

#0  0x8076436 in skip_spaces (string=0xbffff59c) at interpreter.c:948
#1  0x80764e9 in one_argument (argument=0xfc8 <Address 0xfc8 out of
        bounds>, first_arg=0x80c593c " droid") at interpreter.c:993
#2  0x8058a98 in do_second_attack (ch=0x8508708,argument=0xfc8
        <Address 0xfc8 out of bounds>, cmd=0, subcmd=4040)at act.offensive.c:519
#3  0x80703df in perform_violence () at fight.c:1037 looked fine

When it crashed, an immort casted a dam spell on a mob "droid" not sure
if second attack was initiated by the imm or the droid.
        Can someone help me decifer this or point me in a direction.  I
checked this code against some others and the said lines appear correct.


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