Re: Dynamic Zones

From: Eduo - Tempus Fugit Pseudo Admin (mud@SPARC.CIATEQ.CONACYT.MX)
Date: 07/15/97

On Mon, 14 Jul 1997, Gary Barnett wrote:

> On Monday, July 14, 1997 1:06 PM, Jay [SMTP:maxgain@MICHWEB.NET] wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > I'm curious about whether anyone has ever tried anything with
> > dynamic or moving zones... such as a pirate ship which sails
> > the seas and moves like a wandering mob, but u can also
> > board and explore it.
> > I realize this would take hella coding, but I'm pretty much a newbie
> > when it comes to C, so I figured I'd ask here.
> It's all smoke and mirrors.
> Make your pirate ship in a zone, then just modify the exits/entrances to
> simulate movement. If you have windows you'll have to update those
> pointers to make sure they look out at the right rooms.

Actually, if you use the trains code available in the FTP site its just a
matter of naming the thing differently..:)

Incidentally, how would I make the trains (or the ship, or whatever) to
move only when certain commands are issued in the room, or when you enter
the room you are charged and it sets to sail in 3 hours, and it starts
sailing after two hourse.,.

Any ideas? I think it would be easier to modify the (kind of sloppy)
trains code..:)


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