Re: [Off-Topic] Quoting...

From: Nathan Davies (alamar@MARQUIS.NETINC.CA)
Date: 07/15/97

> > Where can you find the update files for Visual C++ 4.2 for 95?
>  ... sniped a bunch of useless quote ...
> I agree with Alex.... kick the users that quote a bunch of text and then
> reply consist of one line... (Usually useless)
> David!
There your out of here David, you just did what you were flaming about, and
<gasp>, not even an obcircle...heh :)


Anyone have any problems with making mobs, then adding them to the zone
right away, and when the mud reboots, the mobs are the wrong type.  What I
think is happening is when you first create a mob, it gives you the next
rnum available, then you use zedit to add it to the zone, and for some
funky reason, it gives the wrong number.  I added 38 mobs of vnum 1800 to
my zone and got 38 1700 mobs.  Anyone seen this and no a fix for it???  By
the way, I already changed all the 1700's to 1800's, so that's not the fix
i'm looking for :)

Av fun, good luck an hey...enjoy life :)

Nathan Davies,

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