Re: [olc] Which one??

From: Nathan Davies (alamar@MARQUIS.NETINC.CA)
Date: 07/15/97

> Okay, so I've been hearing of lots of bugs in Oasis OLC, and then I've
> heard complaints of bugs in Obuild.  Right now, I'm just developing my
> --Kevin
Oasis vs Obuild, I keep seeing this discussion pass by the list.  I've
never used Obuild, and I've had very few problems with Oasis...but in my
opinion it really only comes down to, do you want a menu olc, or non menu
olc.  Neither is better, they both have some benefits.  They will both work
well after some fine tuning, but if your not fine tuning your mud already,
your just patching patching patching.

Av fun, good luck an hey...enjoy life :)

Nathan Davies,

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