Re[2]: Dynamic Zones

Date: 07/15/97

     Quote ------>>>>
     <stuff about smart ships deleted>

and then we do this:
> kill ship (or kick ship, or backstab ship :)

and we have a ship fighting with bare hands (or with a sword, if you equip it)
to let it work you first have to implement naval guns, or something like that.
     <<<<------ Quote

     a couple of nifty options for naval guns.

     1) they just kill outright.  I mean, come on, how much good is
     platemail against a 5 inch diameter canonball?

     2) have the ship force the tank to recall and then blast the mage.
     This recalling SPEC is extremely nasty and messy to have to go against
     on a real mob... you just run. :)


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