Re: Obuild crashbug fix (last one?) <- YES!!

From: Mike (claywar@CETLINK.NET)
Date: 07/15/97

>  The key is in ZMUD! I don't use it! And most of the builders that I know
> don't! ;> The fastest way to create areas is still the plain text editor
> with cartographer or something similar...

Ok, I have to step in here.  I am not going to flame about which is better
unix or win95, or my personal views of zMUD (which for those who care is
very little), but its the comment on the "FASTEST" way to create areas.  I
as an Implementor get too many builders who want to finish a sloppy zone
fast just to be advanced.  IMHO, the areas should be done Completely, not
Quickly (ever hear the phrase Quality over Quantity?).


I found that a great way to add flavor to a magic user class is to add
useless spells, or something for entertainment.  For instance, having fire
dance on your fingertips, a little rain cloud follow you around, etc.
Just something for people to watch.

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