Re: [newbie] Arguments.

Date: 07/15/97

     Quote ------>
        I'm busily trying to make a retreat skill, and heck, it'd be done
by now if I knew this:

                When you invoke a command from within the game, and you
give it an argument like:

                        'retreat n'
                (which would mean retreat north), what is the argument
'n' passed as? I was kinda hoping it was something simple like 'cmd' or
'argument' but neither of those seem to have worked.... Can anyone help
me out?
     <------ Quote

     did you use the ACMD macro in creating your command?:
     #define ACMD(name)  void (name)(struct char_data *ch, char *argument,
     int cmd, int subcmd)

     if you did, "n" should be in the string argument.  go and see what is
     being passed in by all these variables using printf statements.

     i.e. for argument:

     How are you checking for the argument to the command?  what is the
     line in interpreter.c?


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