Re: [code] corpse ownership

Date: 07/15/97

>you left
>int  owner;          /* Owner of object                  */
>out of structs.h
>after that it works great!
>I appreciate you lending the helping hand out, my next project is to be
>able to let players "assign" other players to get their corpses, feedback

I knew i left something out! sorry about that one... as far as the assign
goes... i maybe way off with this one, you you could do something like:

give obj's a GET_OBJ_WILL, give players a LAST_WILL somewhere that is saved.

then, dupe most of the corpse ownership code but use GET_OBJ_WILL rather

add a will command that prompts the player: Who would you like to name in
your last will and testiment? currenty, <LAST_WILL(ch)> is the beneficiary.
                                    ^^^^^^^^^ this is saved to the players file

in fight.c where a player corpse is given a owner IDNUM, also give it a
GET_OBJ_WILL if any.

and last but not least, where you check for GET_OBJ_OWNER, also check for
GET_OBJ_WILL. if there is a match, bingo...

by doing it this way, i think you could either have it where another player
is allowed to get your corpse and anything in your corpse, or you could have
it where only the corpse it getable... that way, you could have someone
deliver your corpse to you with no fear that your choice items will be
nabbed. the later could be done by not adding the GET_OBJ_WILL checks to the
get_from_container functions.

like i said, i have no idea if i am way off with this one being not only a
newbie to circle but c also. if you do use any of this, please let me see a
copy as i would like to see axactly how this is coded...

oh, if i am way off with this one, please let me know why...

Phillip ahrens

"Taste.  You cannot buy such a rare and wonderful thing.  You can't send
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                                        -Rosalind Russell-

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