Re: [NEWBIE]Question about d->character

Date: 07/16/97

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What I am wondering is what exactly does the d do?  I know that the d
somehow represents the connection, but I'm not sure in what way.  So like
in the d->character, somehow, I can tell from the code, it points to the
characters data in the lib files.  Is there any certain code I can look at
to figure it out, or is the d something that is really simple and I'm
just not understanding it?  Thanks.  (The d is in the interpreter.c, and
is used in the "CON_STUFF")
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     Did you look to see where it is declared?!?!?!?  Check out struct
     descriptor_data in structs.h.  It is a pain to follow though the code.
     You use the descriptor to keep track of all the connections (Live
     people). The Desc is used to look at a character until you associate
     his player file info with his connection.


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