Re: [IDEA]Artifacts

Date: 07/16/97

>         One of my builders gave me an idea for a few things one is
> artifacts or weapons that when wielded and say your fighting and your
> artifact weapon is the sword of flames that sword would cast like
> fireball but wouldn't cost the wielder and mana.
>         The other idea is for a spell fireshield when cast and durring a
> fight the fireshield would cat fireball or some other firespell but cost
> no mana to the person who the shield was cast on.
> Thanx,
> Demond

This is a good idea... I had toyed around with it before, but never got a
round tuit... =)
The question is, what would the fireball, etc. be triggered by?  The weapon
attacking someone?  Another pulse_violence timer?  Or perhaps a 'use sword
orc' ...  ?


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