Re: [IDEA]Artifacts

From: Chaotic (chaotic@ESKIMO.COM)
Date: 07/17/97

On Wed, 16 Jul 1997, Demond De Inosantos wrote:

>         One of my builders gave me an idea for a few things one is
> artifacts or weapons that when wielded and say your fighting and your
> artifact weapon is the sword of flames that sword would cast like
> fireball but wouldn't cost the wielder and mana.
>         The other idea is for a spell fireshield when cast and durring a
> fight the fireshield would cat fireball or some other firespell but cost
> no mana to the person who the shield was cast on.

this has been done before on other muds.  the problem that i have seen is
that it can get too prevalent and unbalance the game.  i've thought about
adding such, but i would do it this way:  the weapon only goes off on a
"natural 20" roll.  when this happens it uses a "charge" (like a wand).
when the last charge is used the weapon shatters.  when a new weapon is
loaded into the game, make the number of charges a random roll.

this does a number of things.  the players never know how many charges it
has.  they never know when it will go off (maybe 2 attacks in a row, or
maybe 50+ attacks before it goes off again).  they never know when it will
shatter on them, leaving them needing another weapon to wield.  and it
keeps the game from filling up with 200 "flaming swords" (or whatever).

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