[Offtopic][Transfering the Mud]

From: Anthony Appel (appelae@RAINIER.CHEM.PLU.EDU)
Date: 07/17/97

Well now that I have my mud completed enough to put up on the interent
I'm having troubles transfering it.  I do all my coding on my linux drive
on my computer.  I tried zipping it then transfering it to /dosc (my dos
drive) rebooting then sending it via an ftp program to the linux site
where it goes up as. When it gets to the site I try to unzip it and it
gives me errors such as can't find directory structure blah blah.  I've
tryed gzip and it does the same thing.  For zip I'm just using like
zip -r beta1 circlemudbpl11/ or something like that.  I think it might
have something to do with transfering it to my dos drive although I
figured if it was in a zip file it wouldn't make a difference.  I can
grab a zip file off my dosdrive then decompress it on my linux drive just
fine.  (I use my win95 as an internet connection because I havn't set my
linux up for dialupconnection yet).

Ob Circle:

Now that I've got the 128 bitvector patch nearly working I think I'm
going to try and patch in obuild with it.  Is this a feasible task?  I
know some have done it with OLC.  Anything that I should watch out for?

Also I had an idea for equipment.

On some muds they have equipment that not only has -ac but has something
usually called apply.  The more apply the less damage you take from an
actual successful hit on your character. I was originally going to make
an extra obj field but not knowing how to even begin getting started I
figured out (I think) to make use of it with aff_flags (assuming you have
enough of them=).  This takes the approach that some equipment is
sturdier than others.  In other words is a successful hit is made the
sturdier the equipment the less damage occurs.  For example it might be
just as hard to hit a person wearing a cloth shirt as a person wearing a
thin leather shirt however the person wearing the leather shirt would
take less damage because the shirt would obsorb more than the cloth.

So there would be 2 things for armor apply and ac modifiers.

Then you could take lets say like 5 flags like
AFF_NOARMOR,           apply value of 0-10  on char | no mod
AFF_LIGHTARMOR,        apply value of 11-20 on char | -1 dam
AFF_MEDIUMARMOR,       apply value of 21-30 on char | -2 dam
AFF_HEAVYARMOR,        apply value of 31-40 on char | -3 dam
AFF_ELITEARMOR         apply value of 41-50 on char | -4 dam

For example Zaqz is wearing full plate and bracers, neck wear, wrists -
nearly a full load of nice equip totalling a total of 34 on him.  Plate
could be like apply 12, bracers like apply 8 or whatever.  Now in combat
I have dexterity affect armor class so the more dexterious you are the
harder you are to hit.  A giant finally hits the agily Zaqz occuring 25hp
of damage on Zaqz but because he is fully equiped to 34 apply which
yields -3 dam modifiers he only takes 22 damage.

Now I figured this could be done with a hacked sanctuary code.  I havn't
looked at sanct but I figured it looks like most stock sanct spells it
reduces damage in combat.  I figured you could hack this to a function
such as do_apply that hits the function right before damage is dealt to
the character.  In do_apply it should just check which flag the character
has on the reture the - dam modifier the character has.

I havn't taken much more of a look into this besides just thinking of
this off the top of my head.  Anyone have any pointers tips or maybe an
easier way of doing this?


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