[NEWBIE] special proc

From: Joe Frohne (frohne@POST.ITS.MCW.EDU)
Date: 07/17/97

Hi All,
I have a special room proc im working on.  It is simple enough, you ask a
mob a question and it responds with some gibberish.  The problem is, the
code only works once.  If you ask the question again, it dosent seem to
return anything.  I figure im not clearing or setting some variable.  Im
not sure what tho.  Any hint/help is apprecitated.


  static char one[256]="", two[256]="";
  static char answer[256]="Hi!  My name is Rangelaon Beanlinger.\r\n";

  if (!CMD_IS("ask"))
    return 0;

  half_chop(argument, one, two);

  if (strcmp(one, "kender"))
    /* do_ask */
    return 0;

  if (!strcmp(two, "hi")){

    strcat(answer, "How did you get here?\r\n");
      "I have been wandering in this wonderful place for days!\r\n");
      "There are so many things to see here.  I just love it,\r\n");
       "but if you will excuse me I must get back to my map.\r\n\r\n");
       "Randelaon smiles and returns to his drawings.\r\n\r\n");

    send_to_char(answer, ch);

  return 1;

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