Re: [Newbie] Lua 2.5/Trigger Snippet Q.

From: Chris Jacobson (fear@ATHENET.NET)
Date: 07/17/97

On 7/17/97 11:15 AM, <Pure Krome> (pure@SPRINT.COM.AU) stated:

>G'day All again,
>    Is the Lua Code, from the FTP site a sorta mob progs thingy? How
>successful is it? Can someone please elabortate for me.
>o the two readme files say this only ..
>o <lua_2.5>
>"This archive contains the Lua script language.  It is patched to work
>with my trigger-and-script system for CircleMUD."
>o <lua_triggers>
>"This archive contains files that give triggers and scripting
>capatibilites to your mud."

Yes, it does MOBProgs, ROOMProgs, and OBJProgs :-)
Its only supporting a couple triggers, but if you can code, its pretty
easy to expand.

I actually use LUA 3.0, since it was quite easy to update.  I also use

- Chris Jacobson

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