[128 bitvectors][moon error]

From: Anthony Appel (appelae@RAINIER.CHEM.PLU.EDU)
Date: 07/17/97

on the modification on line 82 from

if(player.char_specials_saved.act & PLR_DELETED)
  pkay = 0;


if(IS_SET_AR(player.char_specials_save.act, PLR_DELETED))
  okay = 0;

I get first a warning: implicit declaration of function "IS_SET_AR"
then error: undefined reference to "IS_SET_AR"

Do I need to put a couple other #include files in or do I just need to
declare the function?

Also on another note this I believe is the last error in a patch of the
128bitvector code mod for stock circle.  If it's ok with the author of
the original patch I could upload it to the ftp site.  Although I
recommend that the code be gone over thouroughly to understand what is
being done - I'd also include the stock areas/objs converted with the
scripts so it would be full functioning.


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