Re: [Spell] Magical Room

From: Ron Cole (roncole@SHORE.INTERCOM.NET)
Date: 07/18/97

> Okay I want to have a spell create a room and temp room.
> Okay now when the spell is cast you are able to enter the room.
> But if someone else cast the spell i want them to go to enough room...
> Kinda like one room per cast...
> I want these rooms only to exist in memory or have a real room make copies
> of itself when needed by the spell...

You could look at Oasis for an example of adding new rooms, just reverse
the process for removing them.  However, I'd just create a zone full of
rooms and use them as necessary.  If you run out, have the spell
automatically fail and log it.  If it starts happening alot, add more
rooms.  :-)


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