Re: [CopyOver] BugFix

From: Dan Stagner (Admin) (dans@GOLIATH.MERSINET.CO.UK)
Date: 07/18/97

> +      d->character->next = character_list;
> +      character_list = d->character;

Guess I didn't know bout that since I have those lines already in there
(because I'm autoequiping and doing a few other things)... ahh well never
said I was perfect. ;)


Ok, I've changed it so that if you have a keyword for an exit autoexits
shows it instead of the dir, and have it filter it if it's i.e. door..
and I'll prolly get flamed to rtfc.. so if your gonna flame me save it
;).. anyhow.. if the keyword is bakery for example.. and the dir happens
to be west.. (it's prolly so simple I'll feel bad).. how do I set it so
they can't go west... perform_move I guess? It's late and I'm prolly
looking right over it..


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