Re: Time till tick in prompt

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 07/19/97

> Hey all
>   Im using that really kool prompt string code (the one with all the %m's etc)
> And i was wondering if anyone had attempted to put like a %t in the prompt
> for how many more seconds till a tick passes. Just a thought
>     Any flames? (Im sure SOMEONE can find something bad about it....)
> -Nathan
        If you're going to do something like this, I recomend you simply
have a toggle-able echo that goes off 5 seconds before the tick.. like if
a player has "PLR_TICK" set, the mud sends him a message "<TICK-TOCK>",
right before it does it.
        If you really want to put the "time to tick" in the
prompt, just duplicate other prompt code (with an individual identifier..
like "t" or whatever), and have it simply check the remaining time.  That
should take about 10 minutes.

Personal Opinon.
         I personally think it would be kinda stupid to have the info in
the prompt. You only need it right before the tick goes off, and it
decreases role-playability. I remember one mud in which everyone used
tintin and it was not uncommon to see people run around willy-nilly, sleep
for exactly .2 seconds, get up and continue speedwalking where ever they
were going... made the mud more of a "Hey - i've got better triggers than
you!" than anything else...

        It gives advantages to players at the cost of realism.


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