Re: Players IP Addresses

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 07/19/97

> <snippage occured>
> > > Well, I don't know too much about your problem, but I can tell you a few
> > > things about edmonton freenet (the IP in question)
> > > Most important, it is not really an internet connection.  You dial up, and
> > > you get a VT100 (or sumthin) connection.  They have 2 or 3 servers, which
> > > are connected to the 'net.  When you telnet to the MUD, your server will
> > > request the info, and send it to you, you don't get an IP address though.
> > > It's possible with freenet to have hundreds of different people on the MUD
> > > at the same time, all from different houses, all with the same IP address,
> > > but still all different people.  I have people from freenet on my MUD, and
> > > I've only ever seen and
> > >
> > I don't want to ban the whole lot of them, and with no way to sort them
> > out....oh well...  Thanks for the information :)
> > RS
> Ok, I may be wrong here, my head hasnt been on right for a while....
> however, I was under the impression that identd was there to provide
> information from services like said edmonton-freenet...
> and from my knowledge it is a real internet connection, its just not
> using pppd, slipd, or bootpd, or whatever, anyways....
> the administration at the freenet might have taken some security
> measures and essentially disabled the identd stuff, and have it
> just return an error all the time...
> well just my $0.005 on this.... flame me if you wish :P

        Well.. Uh. Gosh.. I must have the magical ident patch then. I get
usernames, and etc from the
 And its always the same username for the same people.. I didn't modify
the patch much....

        Just a guess/hunch... you might want to adjust the SIZE of the
hostname... like up to, oh, say.. 50+ chars. Some systems need it.
Otherwise, you'll get garbage characters.  Of course, with icky old-style
binary pfiles, you'll have to do a wipe....


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