Re[2]: Players IP Addresses

Date: 07/21/97

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    Yes it does.. So in other words the ident code is _not_ going to
help sort these users out correct? *sigh*
Point is I have one user from there could could stand to be banned, but
I don't want to ban the whole lot of them, and with no way to sort them
out....oh well...  Thanks for the information :)
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     Correct... the ident code only helps you pinpoint trouble makers, and
     makes it easier to report them to their admins. (I love my form
     letter) (send it to root, postmaster, system, help, help-desk,
     questions, question, and there are probably others)  try deleteing the
     player that is causing problems and ban-NEW the site... it is a bit
     extensive, but hey, if they are a real ass it is worth it.  you
     probably will only need to keep the ban for about a month.


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