Page_string / Buffer size question

From: (pure@SPRINT.COM.AU)
Date: 07/21/97


    Got a small Obuild problem here. When my imm types zlist room, the
joint crashes. The problem is the page_string call. The buffer must be
tooooo big test = strlen(buf) returns 8888 for the buffer size ;) . Is
there any way to fix this? I don't want to start touching anything i
shouldn't be ...

Oh. Please don't say, comment out page_string, because that won't work
either - it crashes later on due to the buffer still being too big.
Which buffer is _buf_
#define SMALL_BUFSIZE  1024
#define LARGE_BUFSIZE  (12 * 1024)
#define MAX_STRING_LENGTH  8192

or something else ??



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