Re: Re[2]: Players IP Addresses

From: Ghost Shaidan (ghost@EOLA.AO.NET)
Date: 07/21/97

Just as another idea to help keep players that ARENT trouble makers.  If
you have a sight with lots of players, only one of which is a trouble
maker, ban select, siteok the other players.  I use ban new and select
alot more than I ban all, so I have changed the message that players get
if they are banned.  It basically says, your site is banned for new or
certain players, if yout hink this isnt your fault please contact me
at <email addy>.

I have gotten 3 or 4 mails from players who are at sites that are banned,
so I guess the 10 minutes it took to find and change the messages, was
worth it..

Just an idea

Ghost Shaidan

>      ------
>      Correct... the ident code only helps you pinpoint trouble makers, and
>      makes it easier to report them to their admins. (I love my form
>      letter) (send it to root, postmaster, system, help, help-desk,
>      questions, question, and there are probably others)  try deleteing the
>      player that is causing problems and ban-NEW the site.... it is a bit
>      extensive, but hey, if they are a real ass it is worth it.  you
>      probably will only need to keep the ban for about a month.
>      --Angus

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