Re: Help please!

From: Nathan Davies (alamar@MARQUIS.NETINC.CA)
Date: 07/21/97

> Ok. Did that...sorry, I have more questions!
> Anyway- it says: Stay in the src directory, and type NMAKE. How do I do
> that??? (Sorry, I'm new at VC++4 programming, as well as Circle) Should
> I be in dos, or what????? I think I missed something. Help!
> Heather

After you have installed VC++ 4, you need to run vcvars32.bat, or just put
C:\MSDEV\BIN in the path, and type nmake in the circle30bpl11\src
directory.  That will use the makefile( which btw you need to delete and
copy the to makefile ), and compile all the .c files.

Av fun, good luck an hey...enjoy life :)

Nathan Davies,

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