Re: [Code] Spells / Skills Too few of them?

From: Chris Proctor (cjp@YOYO.CC.MONASH.EDU.AU)
Date: 07/21/97

>  Ok, I have currently 125 spells and I think I might get few of them
> more... So I'm closing to the number 130 which is not good... How did you
> guys solved this? There are a lot of things dependant ont hat MAX_SPELLS
> MAX_SKILLS defines... You can change them sure... But! What about all
> those unused things?! What If I want to make room for 500 spells? WIll I
> have to put in 300 UNUSED?! *cringe* *shiver* *hide*

Well, I did it that way, and putting in 300 unused isn't THAT hard.
I mean, you know how many unuseds you get per line, so just cut 10 lines,
and paste it 31 times. easy!

The main problem is that changing MAX_SKILLS will corrupt the playerfile,
assuming you're using binary playerfiles. I did it before my mud really
took off, and the players thought it was worth having to be reimbursed
levels to get more spells.


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