[NEWBIE] [CODE] medit problems

From: Gone Crazy (aott@PW1.PRAIRIEWEB.COM)
Date: 07/23/97

In my medit.c file there is a function called medit_save_internally in
this function it has the following peice of code:

/*. Update shop keepers .*/
for(shop = 0; shop <= top_shop; shop++)
  if(SHOP_KEEPER(shop) > new_mob_num)

Now I'm very new to all of this but i belive that it is updateing each
shops mob by uping the vnum by 1 if the mob just created is a new mob.
The if line is crashing the mud when you try to save a mob that you just
edited.  Now I know that "new_mob_num" is ok (I belive) but if there are
no shops created yet and it tries to do "SHOP_KEEPER(shop)" would that
retrun a null and crash the mud? if so how do I check for it and skip the
function if it is null.  Any ideas would be helpfull.


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