Re: SYSERR: ch->in_room = NOWHERE

From: Burkhard Knopf (burkhard.knopf@INFORMATIK.TU-CLAUSTHAL.DE)
Date: 07/23/97

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Proctor <cjp@YOYO.CC.MONASH.EDU.AU> writes:

 >> Anyone remember real quick how to fix this? :
 >> Thu Jul 17 15:38:11 :: SYSERR: ch->in_room = NOWHERE when
 >>                     equipping char.

 Chris> Well, much as it shames me to admit it, when I got this
 Chris> message, while putting in auto equipping code, it irritated
 Chris> me, and I decided it wasn't very important and removed the
 Chris> error message. hehe.

Are you sure you got the latest version of autoeq?
I think these warnings shouldn't appear any longer. If you try to
patch it into some previously changed Circle (not stock that is) you
might have some problems with patching it correctly.


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