Autorun, For windows!

From: Matt Houston (chrono@S-LINK.DE)
Date: 07/23/97

I was looking at some interesting batch files that did some stuff related
to what the autorun script does.. Well i looked in further and discovered
how to write autorun to use in windows! All that needs to be done is that
the directory be set that it is in, and the port.. It will run circle till
it shutdowns (or crashes) then either reboots it, pauses it, or kills it..
It does almost everything the autorun script does, including the setup of
the log files.  (BTW: If you want the logging correct, you need to apply
one of the logs in Win95 snippets from the snippets site!)  It puts the
lines in the correct files.  If you have any questions about it, or want to
make a comment email me :)


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