[NEWBIE] [CODE] Metro and Oasis OLC

From: Carynne Bellamy (mail30049@POP.NET)
Date: 07/23/97

Hi everyone.  While I'm quite new to this list, I've been plowing
through all of the old messages in the mailing list archives.  I have a
couple of questions I was hoping might be easily answered here, I
haven't found any information in the FAQ about these:

1) Back in 1996, there were a flurry of messages about the Metro system
Jeremy had written.  He said he would make the source code to this spec
proc available and a lot of people seemed eager to get copies.  I
couldn't find the source code for the Metro system at the archives.  Is
it publicly available?

2) Oasis OLC.  First off, I'm running this MUD with a friend as a
personal project and if, and only if, we get it together enough, we may
open it to the public then.  We're running it on a Windows NT 4.0 box,
compiled with MSVCC++ 5.0.  We manually patched the code to run Oasis
OLC and have the following problem:
- Whenever we save a room, mobile, object, zone, anything, from the
menu, the MUD crashes and NT returns the error: 'The instruction at
"0x77f646ce" referenced memory at "0xfffffff9".  The memory could not be
"read".'  (Sometimes it says "0xfffffff8" instead of "0xfffffff9")  Then
the game shuts down.  To debug, I turned syslog onto complete and the
error occurs IMMEDIATELY after I type "y" to the "Do you wish to save
this room internally?" prompt, so it isn't even writing to the syslog
like it should.

- After being frustrated and banging our heads up against the wall on
this one, we decided to download a vanilla, fresh copy of CircleMUD from
the archives and apply the Win95 style zipfile patch generously
contributed by Dalamar@bee.net earlier this year.  (I wasn't aware of
this patch before we went through the pain of manually patching in the
Oasis OLC.)  On the completely non-modified version of CircleMUD, typing
nmake produced a whole SLEW of errors such as:

"sedit.obj: error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol

I guess I'm hoping that perhaps someone out there is familiar with
either of these two problems occurring under Windows NT 4.0/95.  We've
exhausted just about every idea we have for the original Oasis problem.


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