Re: [NEWBIE] [CODE] Metro and Oasis OLC

From: Christopher M. Ryan (drizzt@VISI.NET)
Date: 07/23/97

>- Whenever we save a room, mobile, object, zone, anything, from the
>menu, the MUD crashes and NT returns the error: 'The instruction at
>"0x77f646ce" referenced memory at "0xfffffff9".  The memory could not be
>"read".'  (Sometimes it says "0xfffffff8" instead of "0xfffffff9")  Then
>the game shuts down.  To debug, I turned syslog onto complete and the
>error occurs IMMEDIATELY after I type "y" to the "Do you wish to save
>this room internally?" prompt, so it isn't even writing to the syslog
>like it should.

I am not familiar with OLC really but I can almost guarentee you that if
you use fflush after every write to the logs those errors will show up,
because when the mud crashes whatever is in the buffers (not written yet)
is lost. This however may not be appropiate for a production version of the
mud because of the constand IO it will cause.

Chris the wannabe creator.

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