Re: Re[2]: [CODE][OLC][?] Deleting

From: Ron Cole (roncole@SHORE.INTERCOM.NET)
Date: 07/25/97

>Pay me now, or pay me later, but sooner or later you gotta pay :-)
>Space for the new field would be allocated for every prototype AND
>every instance.. wasteful.. Better to use the flag... or you could
>create a linked-list of vnums to delete..  Still better than a byte for
>each prototype.

True, if RAM is a problem for your mud, this could add 4-8 bytes per prototype
depending on the machine, and how it aligns memory.  However, the 32 limit on
flags can be a major headache if you have an established mud and can't just wipe
the rent files to add 32 more.  (ascii rent files aside)  You could also look
for a spare bit in one of the other fields that may not need all the space it is


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