Re: Porting Circle

From: David Klasinc (bigwhale@CAPYBARA.SK-PTTSC.LJ.EDUS.SI)
Date: 07/25/97

> I am pondering porting circle to Netware.
*GASP* *FAINT* *SHIVERS* :)))))))

> and gotten back on it.. or repaired your busted
> gut from laughing too hard, I'll get on with my post.
Hm.. I would say all of the above! :)))))))))))

> 1) Netware supports and implements the ansi c library.

> 2) There is support for socket I/O.
Also True...

> 3) Remote control is handled via the rconsole utility
> and there does exist suitable debugging tools.
Also True :)

> 4) Memory Protection  - It is possible to write a Netware
> NLM that fully supports memory partitioning and can
> detect out of bounds memory writes/reads, etc.

> 5) Standard tools are now supported. The reliance upon
> the Watcom c++ compiler is no longer an issue.
And yes again! :)))

> 2) A high performance engine for running apps. Netware
> makes for a high speed server. For those that don't believe
> this claim, look at their web server and java engine. It rocks!
Yeah... Altho most of the poeple thing that netware is obsolete... Imho
It still rocks! :))

> 3) Obscurity.. not many people have the knowledge to
There are practically almost no security holes in it... Well at least I
don't know any of the so called 'exploits' :)

>  5) Binary compatibility -- the same NLM will run on all
>  Netware servers.
What about... 3.11 (Ok, really obsolete) 3.12, 4.01 4.1? Since you're
talking about NDS I assume that you'll be porting on 4.x :)

>   Thoughts? Anyone tried it recently? Would anyone run
>   a mud as an NLM on a Netware server if the code were
>   available?

Well at least I can do is to provide the betatesting ground.. I have
access to the approx 10 netware servers running all kinds of netware from
3.11 to 4.x :)

 So when you have some success you can tell me and I'll help with
testing... :) The only thing that bugs me... I don't have any Developing
tools for Netware :( Well for sure I'll check in the ocmpany... :)

Anyway... *cheer* What a way to go! I think that this idea could be
announced as one of the most creative ideas I've seen here on the list :))


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