Re[2]: Porting Circle

From: Gary Barnett (gbarnett@POLARNET.COM)
Date: 07/25/97

On Sat, 26 Jul 1997 00:46:14 +0200
David Klasinc <bigwhale@CAPYBARA.SK-PTTSC.LJ.EDUS.SI> wrote:

> > I am pondering porting circle to Netware.

> >  5) Binary compatibility -- the same NLM will run on all
> >  Netware servers.
> What about... 3.11 (Ok, really obsolete) 3.12, 4.01 4.1? Since you're
> talking about NDS I assume that you'll be porting on 4.x :)
In theory the mud would run on  3.12. The core functions are all the
same. There may well be CLIB problems on 3.xx though. Netware
.11 would be my target platform.. anything else I would consider a
plus, but not a design goal.

NDS would only be used as an access control for administrative
access to the server. It would also be used for permissions on
web server, ftp server and email accounts.

> >   Thoughts? Anyone tried it recently? Would anyone run
> >   a mud as an NLM on a Netware server if the code were
> >   available?
> Well at least I can do is to provide the betatesting ground.. I have
> access to the approx 10 netware servers running all kinds of netware from
> 3.11 to 4.x :)
>  So when you have some success you can tell me and I'll help with
> testing... :) The only thing that bugs me... I don't have any Developing
> tools for Netware :( Well for sure I'll check in the ocmpany... :)
I'm a Novell devoper.. They have an electronic program (free) you
can sign up for on their web site. For $300/year you get 24 CD's updated
quarterly with all the stuff you'll need, and copies of about 75 of
their products, includes subscriptions to appnotes, devnotes and so on.

Not a bad deal, considering the company a work for paid for it :-)

> Anyway... *cheer* What a way to go! I think that this idea could be
> announced as one of the most creative ideas I've seen here on the list :))

I think it would be "A Good Thing" .. certainly would muddy the waters
when someone says, "Netware sucks as an app server."


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