Re: Autoeat/autodrink

From: Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@JUNCTIONNET.COM)
Date: 07/25/97

>Personally I think any auto actions should be left out of muds and left
>up to players to set triggers on mud clients. Autoassist, autoloot,
>autosac, autoeat, autodrink, and autosplit takes away from the realism
>of the mud and basically allows a player to just follow someone else and
>group with them so they can get exp without even being there. It may
>make things easier, but where is the fun without realism?

I also is quite a waste.  If the players are so lazy that
they can't type in "eat food" then they really shouldn't be playing.  As
my wife says, what's next, auto-attack?  What is the point of making
everything automatic?  Can't players do anything for themselves?  What's
next, auto-recall if you get low hit points?  It's becoming so that
players just hit one or two keys and watch their characters go.  Just a
little robot.


I am curious about event based systems, and I am wondering about what
people think is the best circle system.

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