Re: Autoeat/autodrink

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 07/25/97

> ObCircle:
> I am curious about event based systems, and I am wondering about what
> people think is the best circle system.

        I like the theory of event based systems, but I've grown rather
accustomed to using the d&d style pulse based system.  I realize that an
event-based game engine would add a flavor of realism, and is not very
hard to do, but simply put, it would add a level of complexity that I
would not want to get involved with... every action, every occurance would
have to be re-written to be timed... No.. i realize you wouldn't have to
time EVERY event, but if many are going to be the same, why not just leave
pulses in there - thats what THEY do. I think it boils down to the age
old question: Is the gain worth the effort.

        Now, this isn't to say that event systems shouldn't be in place.
Heck, about the third thing I did was write an event engine which is
called on-demand, for commands that have specifically been given time
delays.  There is no simple way to implement time-delay events, or to have
them interact (before and during execution), without some moderately
thought out engine. I use mine for something as minor as making mob
programs hesitate while speaking - instead of saying everything at once,
to a timed shutdown, to something as complex as multi-step spells.

        IMHO: The existing pulse-based engine works well, and is easy to
balance - events should be called only when necessary.


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