Re[2]: Re[2]: Porting Circle

From: Gary Barnett (gbarnett@POLARNET.COM)
Date: 07/26/97

On Sat, 26 Jul 1997 08:44:25 -0400
"Nicholas S. Wourms" <prospero@CAROL.NET> wrote:

> >> >  5) Binary compatibility -- the same NLM will run on all
> >> >  Netware servers.
> >> What about... 3.11 (Ok, really obsolete) 3.12, 4.01 4.1? Since you're
> >> talking about NDS I assume that you'll be porting on 4.x :)
> >>
> >In theory the mud would run on  3.12. The core functions are all the
> >same. There may well be CLIB problems on 3.xx though. Netware
> >.11 would be my target platform.. anything else I would consider a
> >plus, but not a design goal.
> This might sound stupid, but if it did run on a netware bindery
> server(3.12), would it becompatible with the netware bindery server
> emulator for linux?  I've just started to scrape the Netware iceberg, so I
> don't know the nitty details yet.  But the idea is absoulutely wonderful.
> I seriously doubt that netware will be outdated, it sure as hell rocks
> windows nt server anyday!
I doubt it would be compatible. But then, seeing as a port of circle
already exists for unix, what's the point? :-)

My main reason for going down this path is to end up with a box I can
put on the 'net without having to spend a lot of time staying up on the
latest unix bugs.. I get paid to keep up on the bugs in Netware, so why
not use that knowledge as well?


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