Re: Timing. [NEWBIE]

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 07/27/97

> Hiya!
>         I know I'm gonna get a rtfc for this, but I guess I'm just too
> numb to figure it out for myself...I think I'm primarily just having
> trouble with the time functions.
>         I want a spell that lets folks snoop other players for three
> seconds... now the only thing i'm having trouble with is figuring out how
> to make it work for only three seconds... I tried some crazy stuff that
> just ended up stalling the game.  Anyone know how to help me out?

        Actually, this is a rather novel idea. I'm not sure of what use it
would be, but it is kinda neat - you're not going to find this in the
code.  Here is my suggestion:

        Get, and implement the event snippet.  Its not fully functional if
I remember from before, but it is very close. Something about requiring
conf.h or comm.h or something....

        Then, simply have the spell create an event which removes the
spell from the player timed for 3 seconds. Pretty easy.  For the spell
itself, just duplicate the "Snoop" code.


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